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Louie the Laker
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In 1996, athletic director Tim Selgo and Rob 'Odie' Odejewski came together to develop an official name and character to represent the Lakers. Prior to the idea to develop an official character for the mascot, the Lakers were represented by the Old Man and the Sea costume in the early 90's as well as various other nautical themed mascots in the 70's and 80's.

Selgo and Odejewski came up with the idea to officially name the mascot "Louie" and were encouraged by, then Vice President for Finance and Administration, Ron VanSteeland to brand the character to be the face of the Laker program. Since his inception, Louie the Laker has been the subject to some minor changes but still remains one of the most visible identities for GVSU.


Louie the Laker is available for appearances at company functions, parades and various other community events. Louie is an exciting addition to any gathering, offering handshakes and high-fives and posing for photographs. If you would like to request Louie at one of your events please fill out the Louie the Laker Mascot Appearance Request Form and submit as instructed. If you have any further questions please contact Courtney Zudweg, Athletic Corporate Relations Director at 616-331-8630.

Louie's Locker Room