Athletics - Grand Valley State
This page is intended to provide GVSU alumni and friends with a basic understanding of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Association (GLIAC) rules and regulations that you should know as someone who cares about Grand Valley State University intercollegiate athletics. While this does not include all applicable provisions, it does include the most common situations encountered by alumni and friends.

Compliance with NCAA and GLIAC rules is of the highest priority for our athletic program and institution. As a member of the NCAA and GLIAC, Grand Valley is responsible for the actions of its boosters and fans.

GVSU is proud to have the loyal support of and continued interest in its athletic programs by our alumni and friends. As we strive for excellence, we must always seek the highest standard of ethical conduct. With your assistance and cooperation, we believe we can accomplish both goals.

What is a Representative of Athletics Interest?

You are considered to be a Representative of Athletics Interest (booster) if you:
Have been a member of any organization promoting Grand Valley athletics.
Have ever made a donation to the Athletic Department, the Irwin Club, the Football Alumni Association or a specific team.
Have ever assisted in evaluating or recruiting prospects.
Have ever assisted in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes, prospective student-athletes or their parents or relatives.
Participated in the Grand Valley athletics program.

Once you become a "Representative of Athletics Interest", you retain that identity indefinitely.

Rules Governing Enrolled Student-Athletes:

DO NOT provide an "extra benefit" or special arrangement to an enrolled student-athlete. The extra benefit rule for student-athletes, their relatives or friends state that you:

MAY NOT give them cash or loans in any amount.
MAY NOT employ a student-athlete at a rate of pay that is higher than the going rate for other employees.
MAY NOT give them gifts of any kind or free services.
MAY NOT provide special discounts for goods or services.
MAY NOT provide them transportation within or outside of a campus area.
MAY NOT entertain or contact a prospect or his/her family on or off campus.
MAY NOT provide rent free or reduced rent housing.
MAY NOT provide tickets to an athletic, institutional or community event.
MAY NOT provide promise of financial aid for postgraduate education.
MAY NOT provide promise to a student-athlete of employment after college.

Rules Governing Prospective Student-Athletes:

Only coaches and athletic department staff members can be involved in the recruiting process. This rule states that you:

MAY NOT telephone, write, email, text or make in-person contact (on or off campus) with a prospective student-athlete for the purpose of soliciting his/her participation in GVSU athletics.
MAY NOT contact a prospective student-athlete's coach, principal or counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect, and do not visit the prospect's high school to pick up transcripts or films.
MAY NOT provide free or reduced price tickets to any GVSU home or away contest to prospects, their relatives or friends.
MAY NOT employ, or promise to employ, relatives or friends of a prospect as an inducement for his/her enrollment at GVSU.

For Enrolled student-athletes and prospective student-athletes, it is permissible to:

Provide an occasional meal for student-athletes at your home (not at a restaurant) and it may be catered.
Continue normal contact with prospective student-athletes with which you have pre-established relationships, as long as the contacts are not recruiting related.
Attend games where prospective student-athletes are competing as long as no contact is made with the prospect or the prospect's parents or legal guardians.

Requests for Student-Athletes to Participate in Extracurricular Activities
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