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Trademarks and Licensing

Grand Valley State has one of the most successful varsity athletic departments in the country. As a result, GVSU and the varsity athletics teams have become more recognized around the state of Michigan as well as the country. GVSU benefits from the public recognition of its name, symbols, logos, and other identifying marks. These things give Grand Valley a unifying image that distinguishes its programs from other universities. GVSU has a responsibility to protect the use of its trademarked logos and identifying marks to ensure the quality and consistency matches the University. All royalties from the licensing program benefit the University to support scholarship programs throughout the school.

The reasons for trademarks and licensing is 1) to ensure the proper use of the GVSU athletics identity and 2) to generate income to support and enhance the scholastic missions of Grand Valley State University.

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If you have any questions about using the GVSU varsity athletics logos, feel free to contact Doug Witte by email or phone at (616) 331-3259.

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