Grand Valley State - Grand Valley State

"The mission of the Grand Valley State University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
is to enhance the student-athlete college experience, promote community involvement,
and maintain a positive image among the student-athletes.

10/19 Student Athlete Day (W. Soccer) 7pm
10/25 Fright Night at the Turf 9:15 pm
11/9 Student Athlete Day (Volleyball) 7pm
11/13 SAAC General Meeting
12/4 SAAC General Meeting

SAAC Executive Board Members 
President & GLIAC Rep.: Alyssa Sharrard
Vice President & GLIAC Rep.: Andrew Darrell
Secretary: Katie Martin
IAAB Representative: Alisha Lang
Communications Representative: Jasmine Ramahi
Fundraising Representative: Kayleigh Bertram
Community Service Representatives:
Sarah Lowe
Events Representative: Sam Decker

Louie's Locker Room