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Year Opened 1997
Average Daily Users 2,000+
Averages Miles Ran on Treadmill Per Week 2,267
Track Length 1/9 mile
Received Gold Citation through "American School and University Magazine"

The recreation center is frequently used by varsity athletes as a training facility and is free for use for GVSU Students, GVSU Faculty/Staff and members of the GVSU Recreation Center. The recreation center averages 2,000 users per day and 2,267 miles ran on treadmills per week.

Added on to the Fieldhouse in 1997, the Recreation Center has three floors. The first floor contains 3 multisport courts in its main gym with a fourth enclosed gymnasium adjacent to the courts; a free weight room; spinning room and fitness center with Selectorized weight equipment. The second (or main floor) has an extensive cardiovascular space with cardio equipment and free space for stretching. A one-ninth of a mile, cantilevered track is elevated high off the main two floors making up the third and final floor.

Rec Courts


Louie's Locker Room